About Arith Magica: Finding Gossamyr

Fantasy, Adventure, All Ages

2014 -

When a young boy solves the most perplexing puzzle in all of mankind, he and his caretaker sister are transported to the magical world of Gossamyr, where math is magic and the boy's unique condition gives him incredible power.

Artist Notes

One of my readers introduced me to David Rodriguez not long after I'd finished creating The Phoenix Requiem. He'd been working on an idea for a story and needed the right kind of artist to bring it to life. I think I was hesitant at first, as it was intended to be a much longer story than Dreamless (my other partnered project), and I wasn't sure I'd actually enjoy working on such a large scale undertaking that I didn't write myself and where I lacked the freedom to take the story where I wished. But my general inability to say 'no' to things that sound like good opportunities made me take a look.

His premise intruiged me however, and by the time I'd read the drafts for the first couple of chapters, I was sold. I absolutely love this story and characters, and I feel that it's just as much my own as any of my other self-written works.

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